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From the President; Gary

The opening day we had a large crowd, which was unusual. This is not typical, but we will have to make sure we comply with the Corps and NH Governor until further notice.

"Good Afternoon Gary, I am sending this message regarding some of the larger crowds that have been seen on the air field. Please make sure everyone is aware that we have to follow the State policy of no more than 10 people in a group, all staying 6 feet distance from one another. We have been informed that the weekend crowds are exceeding this number and we do not want to get to the point of having to send people home.

Maybe you can set a schedule or make a signup sheet for certain days to minimalize the people that show up to the field to fly."


Matthew Hackett
Park Ranger

US Army Corps of Engineers


The flying field is now OPEN!!!

Log in and look under “Our Club” for the gate combo. 

Park passes will not be required this year. 

Social distancing is required while in the Park. AND THERE IS A LIMIT OF 10 PEOPLE IN A GROUP

 I strongly suggest using the Club Calendar to schedule flying sessions.

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