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The flying field is now OPEN!!!

Log in and look under “Our Club” for the gate combo. 

Park passes will not be required this year. 

Social distancing is required while in the Park. AND THERE IS A LIMIT OF 10 PEOPLE IN A GROUP

 I strongly suggest using the Club Calendar to schedule flying sessions.

Club Newsletter - Meeting Minutes Nov 21st, 2019

                 Meeting called to order 7:05 pm by Dick Smith

Officers present Dick S. Dan O. Roscoe A. Matt C.

Members Present total 14

Minutes of April 18th 2019 read and accepted

Treasures report read and accepted

Safety report read and accepted

                 Old Business

Float fly 

Club dues increase conversation

Dan O.   walked members through our current financial status and the need to raise dues in order to continue operations.

motions to raise dues to $75.00 defeated

motion to raise dues to $100.00 passed

motion to raise late renewals  (after April 31st) to $125 passed

motion for new membership to be $100.00 passed

              New Business

Roscoe A. held the election and results are,

Gary  H.    President

Roscoe A. Vice President

Dan O.   Treasure and Webmaster

Mike D. Secretary

Matt C. Safety

Motion to accept slate of officers as presented passed.

Motion to accept new members  (6) passed

 Discussion on additonal Fun Fly events, a replacement gas grill deferred to April 16th 2020 meeting

Dick,Roscoe,Dan< and Gary will meet with Skyhawks to plan swap meet details.

Motion to accept 2020 budget as planned passed

Meeting Adjourned 7:55



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