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03/19/2020 Forwarded message from Gary regarding the flying field.

From: "Hackett, Matthew
Date: March 19, 2020 at 7:50:14 AM EDT
To: Gary Hoffman <>
Subject: RE:  [Non-DoD Source] RC Field?

´╗┐Gary, unfortunately we have been issued a temporary change in policy from the agency. We are required to keep everything closed until further notice. We cannot open parks, issue permits, or sell passes.

I will do my best to keep you updated as we receive new information.

Matthew Hackett
Park Ranger
US Army Corps of Engineers
Hopkinton-Everett Lakes


Check out the Newsletter section for the results of Club elections and the new DUES increases.

Also check out the minutes of the last meeting.

Club Newsletter - Meeting Minutes April 18, 2019

    Meeting called to order at 7:00 by President Rich B.

Officers present Rich, Roscoe, Dick, Matt

10 members present

  Minutes of Nov 2018 read and accepted 

Treasures report read and accepted

Club charter with AMA has been renewed

Club lease with ACoE will be renewed in 2020 and most likely to increase.

Safety report read and accepted

Old business Swap meet in 2020 will have a menu change towards more breakfast food.

Nov's meet will have discussion on dues increase.

                                     2019 Club Events

Skyhawks/Cags fun fly June 1, 2019

Chicken BBQ July 21, 2019

Float Fly Sept 21, 2019 This could be a two day event but NO camping

John O is pursuing a Learning day with a Cub Scout group in the area some time in Aug.

  The club has approached the ACoE to change our contract to allow wet fuel engines on Tuesday and Thursday and we await their decision.

  Field is not open at the writing of this and we will ne notified by the ACoE when we can enter the field.

 Meeting Adjourned 8:01 by Rich B. 


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Electric flying only for Tuesday's and Thursday's has been rescinded. We can now fly "wet fuel" aircraft anytime.